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The return of…KiNK. His first original record after the latest album and a few bits here and there, is an ode to the miraculous grip that a piano still holds over almost any dance floor. Unmistakably titled “Piano Power Ep“, the Bulgarian hit factory does what it does best: infectious melodies, moving bass and gnarly acid lines as well as the ill beats around. Born out of studio rehearsals for live sets, “2 love U” is a freestyle jam with regular collaborator Rachel Row (see Hand Made EP or “Follow The Step“): KiNK on keys and Rachel in the vocal booth results in pure positivism, energetic hooks and a certain pop magic. Think Rozalla, Bizarre Inc. or any other sign long and you are almost there. Instrumental included for the faint at heart.
“I Remember“ on the other hand, which is also available as one of KiNK’s beloved video workouts, is presented here as a “303 Mix“ that loses the classic house sample of the first version, in favour of - well, another classic dance music ingredient - the squelchy sound that DJ Pierre invented.
Last, but not least. “Raw“ is the kind of happy-go-lucky piano-bazooka that revokes the spirit of Baltimore’s production outfit Basement Boys in today’s pagan parties. Using the minimum amount of music tools (lack of effects, volume changes creating dynamics and no more than four instruments), it all feels like KiNK’s reply to Herbert’s infamous dogma. If the ingredients are good enough, you don’t need any spices.


A1. To Love You
A2. To Love You (instrumental)
A3. To Love You (acappella)
B1. I Remember (303 Version)

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