Passing Looks Feat. Sui Zhen

Image of Mozaika - Passing Looks Feat. Sui Zhen
Record Label
Public Possession

About this item

Møzaika returns to Public Possession with another four track EP of varied dancefloor styles and musical moods. For the titular “Drive”, he collaborates with Australian Sui Zhen, who you may recognize from her previous work with Tornado Wallace, Andras Fox and No Zu. Together they produce a beautiful, mystic synth pop track, which sounds a little bit like The B52's soundtracking a John Hughes movie which only exists in Gwen Stefani's grade school daydreams. A dub version of that track completes the A-Side, splintering fragments of vocal over a beefier, DJ friendly variant of the title track. Over on the B-Side we find the mellow cowbell boogie / new age dance of “Crépuscule”, and the utterly ethereal “Never see You again”, which should be of particular interest to the Balearic DJs out there.


A1. Drive (feat Sui Zhen)
A2. Drive (feat Sui Zhen - Dub Mix)
B1. Crepuscule
B2. Never See You Again

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