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Dead Horses continue with release number two. After the well received V/A debut, the label enlist Simba in for a solo EP and featuring the additional support of Aroop Roy.

"Love On Fire" kicks us off and is a perfectly formed early evening groove; effortlessly skipping between house and disco territories with a nice rotary bassline and tantalizing flanging elements. Add a well catchy vocal hook and you've got yourself a high voltage dancefloor magnet to reel em in with!

"Dory" adopts a beatdown house style, turning up the MPC shuffle settings and chopping up a soulful vocal sample. A few choice dusty keyboard motifs later and you'll be nodding along in appropriate fashion.

Sheffield mainstay Thatmanmonks remixes "Love On Fire", transforming it into a taut little house beast by adding "French Kiss"-esque synth stabs and suspended strings. Add some cranium twisting SFX and swirls, the odd warehouse vox and a winding lead synth and you've got all the drama and excitement of double dropping two UPS's at Wet Play!

"Kano's Fatality" concludes proceedings with driving deep house cut; pluming bass, chopped female vox and organic perx giving off a summery flavour that wouldn't sound out of place at any big rig outdoor celebration and certainly ensures repeat plays for this disc thru the party season.

Top follow up! - keep yer eyes on this label folks... 


Matt says: Dead Horse got my beak twitching with their first release and with this 2nd drop they've really got my feathers rustling!


A1. Love On Fire Feat. Aroop Roy
A2. Dory
B1. Love On Fire Feat. Aroop Roy (Thatmanmonkz Remix)
B2. Kano's Fatality

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