Jacques Renault

Law Of Love / More Loving

Image of Jacques Renault - Law Of Love / More Loving
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Take Away

About this item

Flying in the face of food hygiene and sticking two sticky fingers up at Just Eat, Take Away continue their mission of edit excellence, inviting street food genius Jacques Renault to open the taqueria and turn out a pair of mouthwatering reworks in a bite-size serving. "Law Of Love" is stomping, screaming and soulful disco at its finest, all wah guitar, wild clav and fierce vocal, topped with horns and packed with high power percussion. This long into the era of editmania, it will always amaze me that jams like this are out there. Flip it for a smoother spoonful, the midtempo smooch of "More Loving", a daytime / end of night offering with a reverb heavy vocal and slippery soul groove. Delicious!


Matt says: Taking us back to the second golden age of the edit. This new Take Away takes us right back to 2006 - think Galaxy Sound Company, Eros, COMBI & Creative Use. Slick!


A1. Law Of Love
B1. More Loving

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