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Public Release

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Ten years and twenty records since their inception, Public Release haul in Mark E from across the Atlantic and into their North Cali abode. Mark drops four track in his now instantly-recognizable yet inimitable style. "Shake" begins with all the taut, tense, cerebral tropes that define this producer's arsenal. Constantly edging, its pitched vocal ident burrows right into the listener's head as the stretched out climax refuses to let go. "Shelter" continues with this style of dizzying repetition, combined with a psychotropic palette and unconventional arrangement that's both alluring and tantalizing; with the listener never knowing what's coming next.

On the reverse is a pair of more melodious tunes, the shuffling Vancouver-esque groove that is “M-54”, complete with some beautiful keyboard and pad interplay; and the prickly “Shinkansen,” which has a sputtered and bleary-eyed thrust to make feet jitter and bodies shake.


A1. Shake
A2. Shelter
B1. M-54
B2. Shinkansen

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