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Hot on the heels of the "Boliglan" 7" last week, Norwegian newcomers Leoparden drop their debut LP, the killer "Stilen Er Svimmel". If you bagged a copy of that introductory single (if you didn't then think on), you'll be delighted to know this long player is the natural evolution of that humid white funk sound, providing soulful echoed vocals, dancing guitar rhythms and cosmic synth jams for days! Inspired by everything from Bollywood disco to Nigerian boogie, with a twist of funk from the east Oslo suburbs Leoparden's LP debut is a dreamy and freaky lo-fi affair, and it's a delight on the Piccadilly player this afternoon.
LIYL Whitest Boy Alive, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Casiokids, Mauskovic Dance Band or Hubbabubbaklubb.


A1. Boliglan
A2. Borster Kapa
A3. Rist Skjelettet
A4. Vente Lenge
B1. Total Disko
B2. Hagefest
B3. Ormen

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