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Twenty years on the heels of their debut with 1999, established cornerstone of the French Touch sound, duo Philippe ‘Zdar’ Cerboneschi and Hubert ‘Boom Bass’ Blanc-Francard announce their fifth opus "Dreems". This album sees Cassius trawl their myriad influence - moving between dreamy electronic soundscapes to playful pop-house jaunts always with a keen and crisp ear for hi-def, radio-friendly production and shiny, polished sounds.

Back to basics, then, both in the design and influences, they worked during long sessions spent at the Motorbass’ studio, where the disc was largely imagined. A magical place causing an organic heat into the sound power (with a new subtlety that the initiates will appreciate, the use of a Korg synthesizer, last acquisition of Zdar and Boom Bass).


Matt says: Remembering quite clearly when "1999" burst onto the scene all them years ago, it's nice to see Cassius return to that crowd pleasing formula for "Dreems". I can't think of any legitimate reason why the kids won't go absolutely crazy for them once again - and what's wrong with that?! Not everyone has to grow up you know... mega fun this.


1. Summer
2. Nothing About You
3. Vedra
4. Fame
5. Don't Let Me Be
6. Chuffed
7. Rock Non Stop
8. Because Oui!
9. Dreams
10. Calliope
11. W18
12. Walking In The Sunshine

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