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'Nuther one from Mr. Naples on his newly minted ANS label. Carrying on the theme but certainly refining the alchemy into purer form, the 10 tracks here are faultless thru n thru; delving into a hypnotic house meditation that's unique yet beautifully digestible.

Mining the best elements from dub-techno, deep house, VHS hued box jams and soaking the mixture in a lysergic acid before distilling and crystallizing into the double LP of noxious fun you have here.

A red-shift, house music transmission filtered through fluorescent static, from a lone crazed genius working out on some other dimensional sound station.



Matt says: Possibly the most vast and succinct body of work Mr. Naples has produced. Ten tracks of faultless, fractal house music for the Big Trips and breakthrough doses.


A1. A.I.R.
A2. Fog FM
B1. Purple Iris
B2. Benefit
B3. Channel 2
C1. Lucy's
C2. Unhygenix
C3. Channel 3
D1. I'll Follow You
D2. Aftermath AM

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