Rahni Harris & Family Love

A Different Drummer

Image of Rahni Harris & Family Love - A Different Drummer
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Rain & Shine

About this item

1977, East Hartford, Connecticut. Rahni Harris, a 21 year old reverend and multi-instrumentalist, and his band, Family Love, were not afraid to embrace their love of R&B and gospel. They laid down "A Different Drummer" LP - one of the most forward thinking LPs recorded during this period and arguably of all time.

"Syncopated Love", "He’s My Friend" and "Make It Easy" have been supported by DJs and collectors in the know for many years. Now, Rain&Shine give Rahni’s’ seminal record another lease of life for discerned collectors, DJs and music lovers worldwide!

Remastered with full original artwork.


A1 Inside Of Me
A2 He's My Friend
A3 Make It Easy
A4 Things Ain't Like They Used To Be
A5 No Matter What It Takes
B1 Do It Now
B2 No Turning Back
B3 Syncopated Love
B4 He Carried The Weight 

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