Soul Clap

Gator Boots Vol. 12

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Gator Boots

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Soul Clap returns giving one of Paul Simon’s most beloved records in history that signature edit ‘tidal-wave of emotion’ touch that has taken so many other classics and brought them into new light for today’s dancefloor. The nostalgia is in full effect as this 1985 anthem takes the boys right back in their formative school years. The Clap flips this Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo sample into a tribal house groover. Propelled by tube driven drum machines, cascading scales and melodies, Lady Smith’s rooted in the raw sounds of bygone synths nurtured back to life

Soul Clap breaks the main mix down to its bare essentials on this drum tool bringing the rhythms to the forefront highlighting the vocal chant that gives the original record its signature feeling.


Sil says: Sometimes you gotta take one for the team, throw away your self-constructed ego and just give the floor what they want. If that means Paul Simon's crossover Balearic hit, "Graceland" laid unceremoniously over some fresh houz beatz - then so be it! I'm on board!


1. Graceland
2. Lady Smith
3. Lady Smith (Drum Tool)

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