System Syn

Dry Blood

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Record Label
Burning Witches

About this item

Beautiful, eerie soundtrack by Clint Carney (aka System Syn) to the film he also wrote, produced and starred in.

Dry Blood is full of haunting piano melodies and dark brooding electronics that summon the entire film in a few notes.

Nominated for "Best Original Score" at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival.


1. Dry Blood
2. Cop
3. There Is No Home
4. Pills
5. Hallucination
6. Running Water
7. The Last Time We Were Here
8. Playing With Knives In Your Sleep
9. The Deer
10. Yellow Dress
11. Too Late
12. Waking Up
13. Shotgun
14. They'll Sew You Up And You'll Be Pretty
15. Ex

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