Psy Def X

Psy Def X EP

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Klasse Wrecks

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Upfront and galvanized, techno-leaning house music for late nites and exuberated bodies. The interestingly named Psy Def X brings the nrg and elation via three tracks on leading dance stable Klasse Wrecks. You gotta give it to KR's A&R department, this producer dunt even have a discogs entry yet! Reveal yourself Psy Def X!

Anyway, three tracks to pull shapes and body gurn to; all with a retrotastic influence yet crisp, ultra hi-def production lends them a modern sheen. The arrangements are captivating and possessive, capturing the listener in a bombardment of acid, keys, electronic drum beats an gurgling analogue synthesizers - you know, all that good stuff :o) - get the garies in lad!


Matt says: Inspector Patrice has but his ear to the ground and garnered new info! Psy Def X is infact no other than Tornado MF Wallace & Luca Lozano (!!!) - no wonder it sounds so f***in sweet!


1. Lunar
2. Shape The Future
3. Trance Bit 2

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