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For those that don't remember first time around: 'Pioneering techniques, over-dubs and an exploratory period of pop production resulted in many lost dub versions and mixes. Mixes, which invariably were left on the shelf, deemed too 'out there' by the bosses of the hedonistic label managers who commissioned them. Shelved will present a series of limited double 12" releases comprised of carefully reconstructed and rebuilt lost classics from someone who was there the first time around!'

We're still under strict obligation to keep the lid on who or what indeed is behind these majestic edits but we can 100% guarantee you that this is more crucial heat from one of the deftest knife-wielders in the business....

"2.1" suggests there's gonna be another installment following the theme, which is great news as "Into Minds" sets out a heavenly stall through some exotic, proggy Balearic number that's spine-tinglingly beautiful and comes packed with one of the greatest climaxes this side of a Greek orgy.

"All Night Long" moves into the shadows for a minimal wave, goth-disco flavoured offering that should pique the interest of the new EBM mob as much as it'll soundtrack your next pitch black, late night tantric practice.

"What?" has been in the armory of the select few that get this cat's edits upfront... Defying words, it's an instrumental version of The Who's "Eminence Front", extended to provide maximum impact and making use of some extra musical sections. Quite literally breath-taking, it takes a brave man or woman to fuck with this crossover epic, but somehow Shelved's added new life into this tried and tested dancefloor winner. Hat's off whoever you are geeeee!

Completely crucial. One-press only. Do not fuck about!


A. Into Minds
B1. All Night Long
B2. What?

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