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Daniele Tomassini entered the collective Piccadilly consciousness a few months back via a killer taster 12" featuring massive reworks from DJ Sotofett and Internasjonal boss Prins Thomas. Now the main course is here, an eight course feast of cosmic moods, Balearic grooves and honest to goodness house music, all imbued with the glittering sheen of a hardware set up. Inspired, shaped and perfected on the floors of Afro Templum, Tangram and Numbers, the holy trinity of Perugia's clubbing underground, "Syrius" is a soaring, sweeping journey through Daniele's agile mind, imagination and record collection. As celestial pads and billowing waveforms drift around regimented drum machines, and bubbling basslines support shimmering sequences we hear the heritage of the Italo sound (both disco and house), but there's also the progressive attitude, airy aesthetic and Balearic intent which typified the Scandinavian disco movement of the noughties. In other words, this is the perfect Internasjonal LP, and also the perfect LP for lazy afternoons, sofa-based space exploration and balmy nights in the club. Wonderful stuff.


A1. Il Teorema Del Delirio
A2. Syrius
B1. 10.01
B2. Endless Truth
C1. Brzone23
C2. Arpini
D1. Athena
D2. Dromo Celeste

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