Unlimited Love

Unlimited Love #20

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Unlimited Love

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Those frisky and fearless folk at Unlimited Love continue to fly in the face of international copyright law, sticking two fingers up to the man to bring you a quartet of eye wateringly expensive disco / soul OGs on one bargain price 12". 
But are they any good? Hells to the yeah my disco freaks. The A1 rocks us righteously with a soulful slice of disco, brimming with raw funk power from solo to solo, BIG VOCALS and a killer break into bassline brilliance. Things take a turn towards to the electronic on the A2, which somehow sounds like a Halloween boogie bomb and a Spanish guitar stroller at the same time. The B1 sticks with the E-funk style, bursting out like a Clinton / Parliament / Bootsy etc banger with scat vocals a big chorus and lewd bass. Closing the set the B2 brings us a disco rock slam jam with strange vocals, bells whistles and brass. If Supertramp took loads of garys and jammed until the wee hours, it'd sound like this.



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