The Unforgiving Current - Piccadilly Exclusive Art Print Edition

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Initial quatities include an exclusive 12x12" art print.

Manchester songwriter Ryan Kennedy returns with his fourth album "The Unforgiving Current". Recorded in and around Tokyo hotel rooms, apartments and studios, the album is a badly lit stroll through Tokyo's winding streets, stopping in only the most questionable bars. Despite its seemingly overpopulated centres, there is often a strange isolation. This Isolation would be the fuel behind "the Unforgiving Current".

After moving to Tokyo early 2018 Kennedy began work on the album. Amidst language and work issues his rosey outlook soon dimmed and what follows is Kennedy's exploration and loneliness in this foreign land. Previous musical similarities may be unearthed but what runs through this record is a vein of (dare I say) mature introspection which sets it apart from previous works.


Barry says: It's very few albums I own which every time I hear, I have a different favourite. First off, the woozy haze of 'Dreaming' was an obvious choice, then the CR-78 percussion of the bittersweet 'Vanessa' ensured my boat stayed afloat, before being overtaken by my current favourite in the gorgeous 'Mourning Thoughts'. I'm sure it will continue, Ryan is a true genius, and this only proves it's continuing exponentially.


1. Net Cafe Refuge
2. The Unforgiving Current
3. Dreaming
4. Mourning Thoughts
5. Vanessa
6. Yuuki
7. Trust
8. Unlucky Strike
9. Mother
10. Acting

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