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Casting Shadows - Mick Wills Cuts

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Casting Shadows

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The first of a new series of VA releases, Casting Shadows reimagines archival music through the eyes of our favourite DJs. Each volume is overseen by a different selector, inviting us to look through the peephole of their crates.

Cutting the ribbon, we invite German luminary Mick Wills. Active over 3 decades, a perennial influence and looming figure across the wave and techno scenes.
Wills refashions 3 of his favourites, giving them the trademark ‘Cut’ treatment for tender floors worldwide.

The first track sees a crucially overlooked Baby Red Torres number 7” fully expanded to 5 am percussive meltdown business.

Next up synth-botherer Paul Nagle sees his early tape emission‘The Mesomeric Effect’ re-cut by cool hand Mick, coming in hot & throbbing in all the right ways.

Closing on a dramatic note, Kehrschliefe’s Leonid Brezhnev (previously on Polytechnic Youth) is opened up, ripped apart and smartly re-dressed, oozing class and menace.

3 cuts your way from one of our favourite basement surgeons. Look out for the second volume of Casting Shadows, carefully compiled by an interplanetary presence .

Mastered by Alden Tyrell.


A1. Baby Red Torres - Stiller's Reprise (Mick Wills Cut)
B1. Paul Nagle - The Mesomeric Effect (Mick Wills Cut)
B2. Kehrschliefe - Leonid Brezhnev (Mick Wills Cut)

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