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This is what legends are made of: Acid House, Chicago 1988, Mickey Oliver and his Hot Mix 5 Records, Larry Heard aka Fingers, Pierre, Phortune & Armando. Released in 1988, ACID LP was the first and only full length on Hot Mix 5 Records. It is much more than a classic album, it’s a staple for any self respecting DJ. This is probably one of the best Acid House compilation to make it out of Chicago. Still Music is proud to start its Hot Mix 5 Records reissue series with such a monument to House. Every track on here is a classic in its own right, with Pierre’s “Dreamgirl", Armando’s “151”, the two incredible Fingers tunes "The Juice" and “Ecstasy" and so much more.

“ACID LP” was originally released on Mickey Oliver’s Hot Mix 5 Records in Chicago, 1988.


A1. Pierre's Fantasy Club - Dreamgirl
A2. Phortune - Can You Feel The Bass?
B1. Armando - 151
B2. Fingers - The Juice
C1. Fingers - Ecstasy
C2. Phortune - Jiggerwatts
D1. Cool McCool - World Turns Around
D2. Mickey Oliver - Pump Up The Acid

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