Wilted Woman

Lon Lon Night Vision - Inc. Laurel Halo Remix

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Phantasy Sound

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Wilted Woman is a producer whose left-field approach to electronic music emerges from an experimentally minded and refreshingly unapologetic attitude, forged on the punk and DIY scenes of the East Coast of the United States, and more recently, Berlin. Across her debut release for Phantasy, she contributes two unpredictable and outlandish cuts of hyper-modern club culture, complimented by a remix from fellow outsider alchemist, Laurel Halo.

"Lon Lon Night Vision" is a creeping, industrial interpretation of acid sounds, peeling away layers of tension to reveal a melody straight from the cold heart of a John Carpenter soundtrack, resolving in uniquely dystopian funk that actually recalls the Freddy Fresh and the Midwest's DIY techno scene as much as it does anything else.

"No Stinger" immediately unleashes a burrowing, cybernetic ear-worm of a hook, biochemically blossoming into a sublime, undulating landscape of contemporary trance, rich in ideas and sonic euphoria and finding comparisons with Gabor Lazor, Lorenzo Senni and much of the Death Of Rave imprint.

Finally, Laurel Halo turns the screws on the original mix of "Lon Lon Night Vision", extracting an almost impossibly taut slice of techno, building raw tension towards a blistering rush of electro-psychedelia.


A1. Lon Lon Night Vision
A2. Night Stinger
B. Lon Lon Night Vision (LH Remix)

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