Nahawa Doumbia

Nahawa Doumbia (Ben Gomori / Tom Jay Edits)

Image of Nahawa Doumbia - Nahawa Doumbia (Ben Gomori / Tom Jay Edits)
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Sterns Edits

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The sixth edition of the Sterns Edits series sees label head Ben Gomori and rising star Tom Jay tackle two big tracks by Malian singer Nahawa Doumbia.

Hailing from the Wassoulou region of Mali — which has produced many other stars, not least Oumou Sangaré — Nahawa has been a significant force since the late 1980s, when Sterns Africa first combined and released the Syllart-produced albums 'Didadi' and 'Nyama Toutou'. It is from these albums that Gomori has picked two of the biggest, most joyous tracks for he and Jay to work on.

'Sigi Sele' soars with its rousing horn section and Doumbia's impassioned vocal, and makes for excellent dancefloor material. Gomori's main edit keeps the majority of the original intact, chunking it up gently in all the necessary places. His Disco Dub edit hones in on the guitars and trumpets for something more groove-oriented. Tom Jay's rework of 'Djina Mousso' is similarly respectful, coaxing it onto the contemporary house music dancefloor with the minimum of fuss or excess.


A1. Sigi Sele (Ben Gomori Edit)
B1. Sigi Sele (Ben Gomori's Disco Dub)
B2. Djina Mousso (Tom Jay Edit)

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