Felix Leifur


Image of Felix Leifur - BROT02
Record Label
Lagaffe Tales

About this item

A new series by the Icelandic record label Lagaffe Tales. Showcasing different styles of modern dance music. For the first Brot series, we introduce the Reykjavík based talent: Felix Leifur.

BROT 02 keeps the series going and brings a dub/breakbeat infused sound to the table as Felix Leifur continues to impress with the new soundscape he seems to delve into. BROT 5 & 6 lean towards the old jungle sounds and BROT 7 & 8 bring back the electro-tinged theme we started with.


A1. Brot 5
A2. Brot 6
B1. Brot 7
B2. Brot 8

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