Diamond Bay

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Dreems returns with his second full-length album, a languid journey through ambient dimensions. Following up his self-titled debut from 2014, these two LPs will stand together as test of time, a snapshot of the atmosphere that surrounded him throughout the decade.

As a versatile club-DJ with a respected catalog of mixed-tempo club remixes, and as half of the ‘Krautback’ / elementally Australian industrial act ‘Die Orangen,’ Dreems merely hints at his musical identity as an album artist, an expansive space in which he truly does soar with the spirit of a true artist, plumbing the depths of his emotional being, achieving catharsis in the shimmering pleasure of sound.

Diamond Bay’s 12 tracks surprise and reward the listener with the great gift of capturing your attention without ever attempting to hijack it. In a world gripped by the algorithmic nightmare of millennial whoops and material hooks, Dreems has charted a course for something altogether different - a peaceful kind of sonic painting. These are pastoral, passing vignettes. They highlight our awareness without forcefully directing our thoughts, except on the vocal pieces which reinforce the contemplative themes, adding not only specificity, but bringing a real sense of intimacy to the record.


A1. The Bends
A2. Milk Beach
A3. Vaping Seaweed
A4. Be A Soldier, Crab
A5. Coasters Retreat
B1. Return To Diamond Bay
B2. Meltdown / Recovery
B3. Sleeping Bag
B4. On The Rocks
B5. Pambula

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