Marc Mac

Blue Tape Instrumentals

Image of Marc Mac - Blue Tape Instrumentals
Record Label
Omniverse Records

About this item

Produced By Marc Mac. Original instrumentals/beats, raw and straight from the MPC. Beats were featured with dialogue or MC's on past releases but now for the first time the raw instrumental versions on vinyl. 38 beats across 2 LPs; the Red Tape and the Blue tape… which will you choose?


1. Osca
2. Vibes
3. Statics
4. Smiles
5. Walking
6. Mondays
7. Saya Praya
8. Stronger
9. Silver
10. Missdee
11. Walk On
12. Wonda Y
13. Drakes
14. Darlin
15. Mistix
16. Shuffle
17. My Peace 

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