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After Night / Tangled Man

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Formed in 2002 by producer Stephen Cracknell, The Memory Band was always conceived as a project that would develop it’s character over time rather than arriving pre-packaged and fully formed. The intention was to allow the work to be influenced by the diverse range of musicians who came aboard and the places we travelled to together and to meander along our own path. Fifteen years since our eponymous debut album on the Hungry Hill label this single features the voice of Nancy Wallace, who made her debut on that first album and whose presence had a profound impact upon the early navigations of The Memory Band both live and on record. A fine traditional singer Nancy has forged her own highly regarded solo career and as well her contributions to The Memory Band she also played a pivotal role in the formation of The Owl Service.

Now resident in Canada, Nancy recently reunited with The Memory Band whilst visiting Britain and recorded the title track ‘After Night’ in London. The song uses lyrics assembled and adapted from a handful of ballads with similar lyrics but differing titles collected far and wide in the English-speaking world since the eighteenth century; songs such as Madam I Have Come to Court You, Yonder Stands a Lovely Creature; Twenty-Eighteen and Ripest Apples. Accompaniment on electric piano, organ and cello comes from Fred Thomas, who has made many contributions to our recent work.

The flipside is a cover of an Anne Briggs song entitled ‘Tangled Man’ from her classic album ‘The Time Has Come’ and features acoustic guitar from John Smith. "Folkloric magic" – MOJO. “Celebrating the drifting spirits and ancient trackways of Old England through an engaging welt of engaging historic spoken-word samples, elegiac piano, found sounds and programmed rhythms” – UNCUT. “A sense of silent majesty and buried history” The Quietus. “The Memory Band is about proving that folk music is alive and breathing, not a retro historical thing...Brilliantly sophisticated" – Mixmag.


Patrick says: Recorded with the summer solstice in mind (but employing my approach to timekeeping) this brand new single from the Memory Band is in turns pretty, pagan and preternatural. Traditional enough to please the purists, but firmly a product of the present.


A1. After Night
B1. Tangled Man

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