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XY Chelsea - Original Soundtrack

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Original Soundtrack for the Showtime produced movie based on the history of the whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Composed by Jehnny Beth & Johnny Hostile (singer and producer of post-punk band Savages).

In 2018, director Tim Hawkins contacts Jehnny Beth and her life-long collaborator Johnny Hostile to ask if they would like to write the entire score for his new documentary about Chelsea Manning. For Hostile and Beth, this is an opportunity they have been preparing for. Hours of practicing instrumental compositions in Johnny Hostile’s Pop Noire studio could finally be put to great use. May 2018 and the pair starts working relentlessly until the end of summer.

The relationship with Hawkins is fluid and easy. Same generation, same references, the director gives total freedom of interpretation to the musicians while offering a constructive frame of work to allow efficiency. Hawkins even admits to have lengthen his last scene in response to the enchanting piano track written by Johnny Hostile for the film’s ending.

Manning’s portrait by Hawkins reveals the character’s humanity, her flaws, her doubts and her triumphs. Hostile and Beth have spent months looking at Manning on screen hit extreme high and low points while they try to transcribe as faithfully as they can all her emotions into sounds. The avoidance of manichean stands and predictable clichés in the film inspire the duo to write music with nuances, concentrating on deciphering the mysterious persona of one of the most important historical figures of our time.

Jehnny Beth (Savages)
Considered as one of the most powerful woman in rock music, Jehnny Beth founded the label Pop Noire in 2011 alongside Johnny Hostile, with whom she moved to London in 2005. Front singer in the band Savages, she champions sexual exploration and self-empowerment while challenging the cliches surrounding what it means to be a woman in a band. In addition to having traveled the world with Savages and performed on stage with the XX, LCD Soundsystem, Suicide or Primal Scream, she has recently collaborated with artists such as Gorillaz, Julian Casablancas, and Trentemøller. From 2016 to 2018, Jehnny Beth hosts the weekly radio show "Start Making Sense" on Beats 1 (Apple Music) where she has received an impressive list of artists from the international independent musical scene: Brian Eno, St Vincent, Johnny Marr, David Byrn, Anna Calvi, Damon Albarn, Peaches, Alison Mosshart, Massive Attack... She is currently working on new projects that will see the light in 2019/2020, including her awaited debut solo album. Returning to Paris two years ago, Jehnny Beth has also been acting again, first in CatherineCorsini'sU nAmourImpossible in 2017, for which she was nominated for a Césars in January 2019. Jehnny Beth is currently working on other film projects in France and abroad.

Johnny Hostile (Savages, Lescop)
Johnny Hostile is a French composer, producer, musician and founder of Pop Noire. After graduating from the conservatoire in electroacoustic and musique concrète fields, he moved to London in 2005 with his partner Jehnny Beth. Two years after the creation of Pop noire in 2011, J. Hostile unveiled his solo work as a support on Savages’ world tour. In 2015, he invited Julian Casablancas and Jehnny Beth to sing on the cover of ‘Boy/Girl’, produced several French artists such as Lescop, Izia Higelin and Etienne Daho. From 2016 to 2018, he produced the 'Start Making Sense' weekly radio show on Beats 1 (Apple Music) presented by Jehnny Beth. He directed the musical line-up for the show concentrating exclusively on contemporary music, with an impressive list of guests from the international independent music scene. With his debut album ‘(dys)function’ released on Pop Noire in 2018, he emancipated himself from any genres of music that he had been producing for over a decade. He decided to compose the music that had been at the center of his life for years: ambient and experimental. He now lives and works in Paris where Pop Noire studios are based. Hostile is currently working on new projects coming up in 2019, including new Pop Noire artists and Jehnny Beth's album.


1. Intro (2:49)*
2. Phone Call (1:06)*
3. Communication/Obama (1:27)*
4. Prison Break (2:39)*
5. Flying Out Of Kansas (1:44)*
6. It Took A Miracle (2:23)*
7. Enlistment (2:36)*
8. Coming Out Trans (1:34)*
9. Flashback (2:56)*
10. It Might Actually Change Something (2:56)*
11. Court Sentence (1:42)*
12. New York (1:21)*
13. Intelligent Analyst (1:36)*
14. Lisa’s Theme (1:12)*
15. Haunted (2:29)*
16. Icon (1:21)*
17. War Requiem (3:01)*
18. Mother’s Theme (1:26)*
19. Coming Of Age (0:57)*
20. Trauma (2:46)*
21. New Administration (1:20)*
22. Fighting Back (2:02)*
21. Running For Senate (0:58)*
23. Alt Right (3:31)*
25. Night Drive (5:12) **
26. Let It Out Ft. Jehnny Beth (3:34)*
* Performed By Johnny Hostile And Jehnny Beth At Pop Noire Studios.
** Performed By Johnny Hostile

All Tracks Written By Johnny Hostile.
“Let It Out” Feat Jehnny Beth : Lyrics And Vocal Performance By Jehnny Beth, Music By Johnny Hostile, Mixed By Florian Montchatre At Pop Noire Studios.

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