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Collection of alt-version / remixes from Wolfram's last EP and also released on Public Possession.

"Rein! sees an extended 12" mix and also coupled with a 'Westbam Electro Mix' which adds all the neccessary freestyle flavour you'd expect from this Egyptian Lover commissioned version.

"My Love Is For Real" sees a club-ready 'Dance Mix' coupled with DJ Digola & RIP Swirl's Piano mix - a crazed hardcore-breaks hybrid with rugged AF beat and tastefully, retrotastic vocal chops and piano stabs, before blasting thru into endorphin-rushing infinite. Massive!


Side 1
1. Rein (feat Egyptian Love - Extended 12" Mix)
2. Rein (feat Yung Hurn & Egyptian Lover - Westbam Electro Mix)
Side 2
1. My Love Is For Real (feat Haddaway - Dance Mix)
2. My Love Is For Real (feat Haddaway - DJ Gigola & RIP Swirl Piano Mix)

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