Il Bosco

Bare Hits From The Manctalo Diskotek

Image of Il Bosco - Bare Hits From The Manctalo Diskotek
Record Label
Red Laser

About this item

Il Bosco is back at the controls ably assisted by The Bat & Flemming Dalum. Intriguingly labeled as 'edit not edit tackle' throughout, it sees Bosco and his select knife wielders tackle more forgotten hits from the Italian and Euro-synth underground; subtly transforming their arrangements into Y2K19-friendly jizzers and splurters. Change the sheets immediately after playing.

Limited press comes with wrap around riso print poster sleeve in pvc cover...

Limited copies, highly recommended. Red Laser is MCR's No. 1 dance outlet at the moment, fervently sought out by global dance movers and shakers with a keen ear for the 'Good'. Don't sleep. 


Matt says: Bosco allows us back inside the top ring of the pyramid with The Bat and Flemming Dalum sat alongside him as New Emperors of The Modern Church of Synth. Specialist tackle for those in the know...


A1. Radio Lunacy (Il Bosco Took It To The Bat And Made Him Edit Edit)

A2. Tokio (Il Bosco's Edit Of Flemming Dalum's Centre Neptune Edit)

B1. Monkey (Il Bosco's Hardly An Edit Edit)

B2. Happy Kids (Il Bosco's Not Even A Fuckin' Edit At All Edit)

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