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New York Disco - Danceteria 1981-85

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Here's a treat for any disco fans out there, a four track sampler of floor fillers from NYC's famed Danceteria, boasting off kilter disco, boogie and new wave jams from John King, Klaus Schulze, Escape From New York and the masterful ensemble jam "Hold On To Your Dreams". 
What better place to start off than with THE all time Danceteria classic, John King's "Munich". Dated to around 1983, and more or less impossible to find, this cut comes on strong with wavey synths, crazed backing vocals and major new wave stylings all warped round an irresistible electro beat - solvent disco in other words... Next up comes the sci fi power prog of Klaus Schulze's "Macksy", an a-grade bit of space disco which roars with proto-techno power. Originally released as a standalone single in 1985, "Macksy" buzzes with kosmische electronics and otherworldly synth sounds, but it's Klaus' skill as a percussionist which sends this one astral. On the B1 we turn our attention to the white boogie / Balearic soul of Escape From New York, and their lesser known, but equally amazing "Save Our Love". Released on year before the DJ Harvey approved "Fire In My Heart", this high drama synth shunter serves up slick bass, chiming synths and vocal histrionics with the best of them - the perfect disco for the rock crowd. After a trio of full on floor fillers, we bid the night farewell with the hazy majesty of "Hold On To Your Dreams", the finest collaborative effort in the history of music, and strong contender for the most Balearic record of all time. If you're just tuning in now, this winding jam features Jah Wobble on bass, The Edge on electric guitars, Jaki Liebezeit on percussion, Francois K on the mix and Marcella Allen delivering those wonderful Arthur Russell penned vocals. It also manages to take in jazz fusion, bossa nova, Mediterranean pop, dub and kosmische over the course of its 8 minute run time - achieving Balearic nirvana on the way. 


Patrick says: Great 12" sampler of Danceteria classics here including the impossible to source "Munich" by John King, Klaus Schulze's space disco burner "Macksy" and all time classics "Save Our Love" by Escape From New York and the divine "Hold On To Your Dreams".


A1. John King - Munich
A2. Klaus Schulze - Macksy
B1. Escape From New York - Save Our Love
B2. Wobble/Edge/Holger/Liebezeit - Hold On To Your Dreams

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