Potatohead People Feat Trailer Limon

Stop The Games

Image of Potatohead People Feat Trailer Limon - Stop The Games
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Star Creature

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Another week, you guessed it, another Star Creature; the Brooklyn stable hitting an average of 4 releases a month at present!

Old favourite Trailer Limon returns alongside the wonderfully named Potatohead People for A-side cut, "Stop The Games". Deploying the usual formula of squelchy synth, warbly washes and snappy drum hits, a Princesque vocal deliver heads up the action with some nice backing vocals working in harmony with the lead part.

The mysteriously named 'Nicky's Falling In Love Dub' is a nicely executed dub done in that traditional boogie style; retaining the odd vocal utterance, washing it in echo and stripping back the arrangement to give more focus to the groove. Nice!


Matt says: Trailer Limon man. He's back! With that super slick funk that graced the previous 7", this Cali-cat is a rising star of the modern funk scene. Get to know!


A1. Stop The Games
B1. Stop The Games (Nicky's Falling In Love Dub)

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