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Violette Szabo

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After flying under the radar for a few years (comparitive to his chart topping late noughties period!), Bottin is back in business for the summer season, reviving his Artifact imprint and digging into his deep crates to unearth four fresh edits for the ace Violette Szabo. B-dawg starts the party with "Death Express", a chunky extension of Paul Mazzolini (Gazebo) oddity / obscurity "Ghost Of The Samurai", originally released in 1980 under the China Express alias. If you're unfamiliar with this monster jam (and you have every right to be), imagine a floor filling Italo jam somwhere between Japan's "Life In Tokyo", "Ballroom Blitz", Quantum Jump's "Lone Ranger" and a frothy Siouxsie Sioux synth pop demo - in other words it's leftfield disco perfection and a wonderful way to start this 12". Next up, "Electric Bath" brings us a vintage electro disco bassline, odd prepared piano, entirely batshit vocals which I'm guessing are in Japanese and an infectious drum beat - dancefloor weirdshit pop-pickers. Toss that pancake and whack your audio sensors around the dramatic pulse of "Juárez", a floor filling bit of MV-era synth pop which manages to deliver crazed synth toms, Balearic brass, cock rock vocals and DX7 marimba. I don't know the original, though I probably should, but I'd file this next to Ministry's "I Wanted To Tell You", Propaganda's "Frozen Faces" and Enzo Avitabile's "Blackout" - which speaks volumes about the quality on show. Last but not least "Do You Like?", sees Bottin get out the scalpel for a respectful extension of Eminence's 7" only kitsch-a-thon "Erotic Dance", an acid laced Italo frother which liberally borrows from a host of more famous tracks on its way to niche brilliance. 


Patrick says: Italian synth wizard and edit assassin Bottin is back! Here he digs into his personal stash for a quartet of killer italo edits and leftfield disco bombs. Ace!


A1. Death Express
A2. Electric Bath
B1. Juárez
B2. Do You Like?

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