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Richard Hawley - Clear Vinyl Edition

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Before the release of this 7 track mini album in 2001, Richard Hawley was solely know as a guitarist, having been a member of The Longpigs and touring guitarist for Pulp. With this album though, he demonstrated his knack for writing a killer tune and it was our first introduction to THAT VOICE.

Both this and the following full length album, "Late Night Final" are absolutely timeless albums that draw on a rich musical history and could have as easily been written in the middle of the 20th century as the start of the 21st: His rich baritone vocals crooning over gorgeous guitar melodies and hushed drums.

To celebrate his new album "Further" our good friends at Music On Vinyl have presented to us the three Setanta albums from their back catalogue. A super limited one off pressing with just 275 of each available on clear wax - gotta move quick on these pop pickers!


1 Coming Home
2 Bang To Rights
3 Sunlight
4 Caravan
5 Naked In Pitsmoor
6 Time Has Made A Change
7 Happy Families

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