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She's A Witch - Tikoloshi

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Little-known trio The Bees' 1988 album 'She’s A Witch (Tikoloshi)' features six dancefloor-ready, distinctively South African tracks that show how bubblegum in the late 80s embraced house music. Produced by Steve Cooks, who would go on to work with heavyweights Senyaka, Spokes H and Umoja in the years that followed. Searing vocals and percussive synth basslines are best on ‘Hlabalaza’ (already a DJ favourite) and the title track, it lyrics telling the spooky tale of an evil woman who rules the night - ‘Tikoloshi’ being the mischievous creature of Zulu folklore (usually a man) who is still widely blamed for all manner of mysterious happenings in the middle of the night.


Patrick says: If you pay any attention to me and Kickin' Pidge's musical obsessions, you'll know that we spent SS'17 obsessing over an Afro edit record from Jeff Solo and Chaiba. The killer track, hammered at Wet Play, Gottwood, Talking Drums, Ohm in Berlin and every all-back-to was as it turns out, a very minimal rework of The Bees' "Hlabalaza", which is an utter banger in its original form. And it's in good company too, with the other five tracks on this ace LP bringing the hottest kwaito, Afro-house and bubblegum boogie you'll hear. YES!


She's A Witch (Tikoloshi)
Mjondolo (Bus House)
Ditenteng Jive

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