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Engage ears, feet and wallet, this is the hot shit from the next gen of Dusseldorf talent! Colliding in the orbit of the mighty Salon, the Candomblé crew include Phaserboys Rasputin and Aki Aki, hardware menace Kaschiel, lyrical genius Leonard Horres and production whizz Sebastian Welicki. The first Candomblé release, "Check Your Reality" was the baddest 10" of 2017 and remains one of my most played records since its release. The second, "To Style One Into" saw DJ Normal 4 join the crew for a trip through re-appraised psy-trance, breakbeat and nu-Goa madness - certain to slap any system silly. Now the crew come through with their third vinyl release, a gatefold LP from the newly formed LSW. 
Macking out in triple threat mode, "Life Style West" sees Gregor Darman (Rasputin) and Sebastian Welicki man the hardware while Leonard Horres gets lyrical with a little knowing angst. Putting a new school spin on Street Sounds Electro, Euro boogie, mechanical funk and NDW, the trio unlock additional levels on Streets of Rage (Alarmstufe Rot, Tenor Ist Terror), harness the angular action of our collective youth (Deutsche Bahn, Goldketten Aus Fett), soundtrack a little cyberpunk noir (Altbier) and go heavy on the DMT (Denkst Du) for the freshest retro-futurist jams around. 
Mixed by the Phaserboys, mastered by Carsten Dambkes, approved by Piccadilly Records.


Patrick says: If you're one of the customers who mobs me when there's a new TFGC, chances are you need to get on this tip. Coming out the Salon's third gen, Candomblé is your newest label to watch, and LSW is the latest must have wax. Euro boogie, NDW pop and ecclectic hardware jams from this Phaserboys related outfit - buy on sight!


A1 Alarmstufe Rot 
A2 Deutsche Bahn
A3 Tenor Ist Terror
A4 Altbier
B1 Bist Du Irgendetwas Wert
B2 Goldketten Aus Fett
B3 Denkst Du

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