SK U KNO (Suzanne Kraft)

Numero U Kno

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No 'Label'

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Dutch vinyl institution Rush Hour continue their sleight of hand with the latest in their suspicious No 'Label' series, a gorgeous EP from the mighty Suzanne Kraft. Following on from the excellent "U KNO" LP, Diego delivers a trio of unexpected electronic rollers, sub-cortal grooves and and new age dancers, including a collaboration with Montreal outliers Ramzi.
"Shopbeat" provides a shot in the arm on the A-side, pairing up a wild percussion program (think Max D if the D stood for dancehall) with gated FM vamps and serotonin-soaked idents. Ramzi swings by for the slower, slankier "Founded", a THC laced burner which emerges from the weed fug with hints of Moon B boogie and entheogenic intent. Lastly, "Accelerate Me Wildly" takes a detour through gallery friendly sound design to arrive at new age pads, skitterish beats and a generally rushy vibe - deep breaths everyone.


Matt says: Spectal, highly rhythmic and unfathomably technical dance machine workouts for nocturnal arenas. Reminds me of being sat around the White Hotel's trapdoor bar come 'Witching Hour'. Mega.


RAMZi & SK U Kno - Founded (SK Mix)
Accelerate Me Wildly (Middlesex Edit)

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