Remixed - Inc. Tolouse Low Trax / Benoit B / K100 / Bartosz Kruczyński Remixes

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Athens based composer Akis Daoutis (Akis) remixed by Tolouse Low Trax, Bartosz Kruczyński, Benoit B and K100 Signal. Excited? You should be...

Our favourite chain-smoking German, TLT kicks off the release with one of his typically rhythmic, haunted and disjointed numbers, working his magic on "Into The Light". Utilizing the hypnotic marimba lines contained within, this new EBM iconoclast turns out a version as strong as anything off his acclaimed "Rushing To Paradise" EP - essential!

Benoit B works "Ecological Awareness" into a celestial ascension, accentuating the spectral sound of the marimba with chiming, glassy synth notes that seem to spiral up to the heavens. If there's a Balearic island on planet Pluto then they it's local inhabitants will no doubt be getting fresh and fruity to sounds like this.

K100 Signal revisits the same track, and ushers a creeping vintage drum beat into play, whilst swamping the stems with long, reverb-heavy guitar line and reversed strings for a very psychedelic outing that would find favour with DJs like Eric Duncan, The Idjuts, Mudd & Harvey.

Finally, Bartosz Kruczynski deploys a nothing short of sublime rendition of "Into The Light"; toying with those echoed-out marimba passages and smothering them in the most voluptuous pad size since Kim Kardashian started playing keyboards (ed - she doesn't play keyboards!). This is high grade horizontal listening pop pickers and more than deserved of some deeeep listening.

4 out of 4 then! You need? You betcha!


A1. Into The Light (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
A2. Ecological Awareness (Benoit B Remix)
B1. Ecological Awareness (K100 Signal Remix)
B2. Christmas (Bartosz Kruczyński Remix)

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