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Roll With The Punches

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Esoteric, entheogenic and almost dancefloor focussed, Second Circle is the Music From Memory offshoot for original, contemporary and club-ish 12"s, and has previously housed heat from DJ Normal 4, Dazion, Androo and Tornado Wallace. For the labels first release of 2019, Kaifeng-born, Vancouver based Yu Su joins the ranks, introducing the SC clan to her signature sound of hazy pads, blurred electronics and unconventional melodies. 
Opener "Little Birds, Moonbath" welcomes us into this strange sonic world via rippling arps, billowing pads and vaguely asiatic leadlines, all shifting around Michelle Helene Mackenzie's subtle spoken vocal and the stately machine groove. Next up "Tipu's Tiger" sees Pender Street Steppers join the party, bringing jazzy guitar licks and nuanced synth work to a slow and cinematic cut which sounds simultaneously like a KPM library classic, a lost Preemo Illmatic beat and an outtake from Shadow's debut. From there we drop into the lagoon-like "Of Yesterday", a slippery instrumenal whose lolloping beat calls to mind a wooden craft bobbing on the waves, lost amid misty pads and the bubbling of bong water. "The Ultimate Which Manages The World" works us with treated robo-vocal (think Ground San), sopping slabs of dubby guitar and an everchanging rhythm, before EP closer "Words Without Sound" abstracts a rhythm grid, uncoils a synth sequence and gets gently garbled on its journey to the run out groove.


Patrick says: Yu Su joins the Second Circle clan with a five track excursion through entheogenic groove, medicated dub and mangrove hypnosis in her unique style.


1. Little Birds, Moonbath (feat Michelle Helene Mackenzie)
2. Tipu's Tiger (feat Pender Street Steppers)
3. Of Yesterday (instrumental)
4. The Ultimate Which Manages The World
5. Words Without Sound

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