Red Rack Em

Deep In Love

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Disco Banger

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Red Rack’em launches a new series called Disco Banger. Following on from his Wonky Techno Banger monster, it’s time for Rack’em to show his summery side with 3 killer vibes on a soulful tip. Up first "Deep In Love" comes on like the first flush of MDMA on a warm summer night, reprising the "In Love Again" approach but with a techy diversion into slightly darker territories. Next up, "Peace" explores imperfect loops, smudged breakbeats and slinking bass, with the kind of fx fuckery you can rely on Danny for. Tempos drop and the beat breaks for "Ready To Roll" on the B2, a splintered bit of sunshine soul for those moments when you realise it was a research chem, not LSD on that tab.


Matt says: A trio of bangers form house hold name Red Rack Em who continues a flurry of well received hits with this three track released via his own label. wOnKy!


A1. Deep In Love
B1. Peace
B2. Ready To Roll

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