Keep Hope Alive

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Casa Voyager

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'Keep Hope Alive' is a nice gentle techno offering packed with emotion and subtle keys charged with velvety textures. It sits comfortably on the fast lane but it does not feel rushed. Will not fill your dancefloor but it will definetily warm it up nicely. 
'When The Story Repeats' breaks the four by four generating an electro hybrid with some seriously strong bassline. No monkey business here. It is still packed with melody and nice atmospheres however, there is a menacing industrial take on the horizon ready to take over the entire track. Does it happen? Give it a listen and be the judge!
On the flip, Kosh, our man in Morocco, ups the tempo once again and go as funky as it gets with his techno. Fast but not in an alienating way. The dancefloor is in mind and you are offered 3 different takes of 'In A Maze mix', my favourite being take number 2 where the beat goes more electro and the vibes become more ethereal and chilled. Yet maintaining the dancefloor in mind, surely not an easy feat but Kosh manages to effortlessly deliver. 
Folks, this one is truly good and you would be missing out if you do not give it a good listen!


Sil says: Top quality techno / electro that is capable to make you feel at home in the dancefloor and in the sofa. Horizontal dancing and hedonistic joy meet at last.


1. Keep Hope Alive
2. When The Story Repeats
3. In A Maze (mix 1)
4. In A Maze (mix 2)
5. In A Maze (mix 3)

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