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Kabsa - Inc. Nicola Cruz Remix

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Glas-Goan-Kenyan producer, DJ and global traveller Auntie Flo (Brian d’Souza) regularly releases music inspired by different places around the globe. In 2014 he released an EP recorded in Cuba under the ‘Highlife World Series’ banner and ‘Hey, Don’t Make Trouble’ a collaboration with singers from the Ivory Coast. 2015’s album ‘Theory of Flo’ featured collaborations with Ghanianan singer Anbuley amongst others, 2017 saw him release the ‘Soniferous Garden EP’ recorded in Uganda on Sofrito records. He’s also released remixes for African legends Baaba Maal and Oumou Sangare.

‘Kabsa’ is a continuation of this trend, this time exploring music from Levantine coastline. In 2017, Auntie Flo travelled to Lebanon to perform at a wedding at the Mir Amine Palace, just outside of Beirut. Not the normal gig, the experience inspired this new EP ‘Kabsa’ on Moscoman’s Disco Halal. Levantine flavours come together with tracks named loosely after dishes from the region, with other trips to Tel Aviv, Marrakesh and Istanbul also inspiring the production. For every Ep, Auntie Flo rebuilds his studio with a completely new set up, helping to create a fresh sound. On Kabsa, all three tracks are 100% analogue jams, mostly recorded in one take on an array of hardware. The main synth is the 1980’s classic Casio CZ5000 used in combination with various effects and loop pedals, a Roland 727 drum machine and MFB drum computer. The result loose and raw and perfect for club play. After playing "Kabsa" on Red Light Radio, Auntie Flo was contacted by revered Ecuadorian producer Nicola Cruz who asked if he could remix the title track. The result is not one, but three, killer remixes that are also due out on Disco Halal in summer 2018.


Patrick says: Taking his inspiration from the Lebanon, Auntie Flo comes through with a trio of spacious club cuts, stripped back and 100% hardware. Clean, clear and complete with snaking rhythms (no dull 4/4 here), the set is totally fresh, but I have to give the Piccadilly crown to Nicola Cruz for his frazzled, folkloric remix, alive with acoustic guitar, off kilter fx and synthplay.


A1. Baba
A2. Kabsa
B1. Ras
B2. Kabsa (Nicola Cruz Remix)

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