Melody Day - Reissue

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City Slang

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Originally released way back in 2007, "Melody Day" was the ecstatic and enthusiastic opener for Caribou's third album "Andorra". The pastoral haze of his previous work remained, but "Andorra" and particularly "Melody Day" was a more direct, urgent animal. Informed by ye-ye and psych-pop the track rattles and stomps its way straight to the heart of the indie disco, grabs you by the hand and leads you off into the wildflowers. Over on the flipside, Four Tet (in his post-downbeat, pre-jungle, "Ringer" phase) enlists Luke Lalonde, Adem and One Little Plane to turn "Melody Day" into an aching acoustic folk ballad underwrit by a thunderous kick, thus perfectly capturing that feeling when you've had too many drugs at Glasto and poor programming allows the Chems to follow Fleet Foxes...


A1. Melody Day
B1. Melody Day (Four Tet Remix Featuring Luke Lalonde, Adem And One Little Plane)

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