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Lowfold Works

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Craven Faults adds to his burgeoning discography with another carefully developed collection of modular murmurings. The technologically advanced producer conjures up kosmiche futurescapes thru a vast array of US & European modules and based around the Moog / Oakley Sound System design (there's a really interesting article below on his set-up for the techno geeks!.. - ed) . If this arresting new UK synth shaman has yet to register on your radar, then this is brilliant entry point!

Hypnotic & undulating, there's an organic flow and natural evolution to the patterns and sequences, with the feeling that once CF has programmed his machines, he stands back and lets them breath and interact with each other without constant supervision.

That said, the level of control, precision and detail is outstanding. Utilizing common triplets and syncopation, the typically Krautian gallop and canter is achieved, with very little interference from drum machines. The modules has a pulse all of their own, Craven Faults is simply harnessing it somewhat within a songlike framework; though you could argue that for the machines, time is irrelevent - their patterns non-linear and infinite.

RIYL: Gabe Gurnsey, Factory Floor, Eat Lights Become Lights.


X1. Engine Fields (7:00)
X2. Dye & Size (10:23)
O: Foddergang (17:37)

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