Data Room

Data Room EP - Inc. Jumpin Jack Frost Remix

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Ecke Records

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Mega, wide-screen take on the various hybrids of hardcore, jungle and drum and bass; pairing modern tracks with a killer remix from stalwart Jumpin Jack Frost!

"Laugh Track" kicks us off with a perfect post-ecstasy downbeat jam; BOC meets the Orb with a peppering of Moving Shadow to keep us rolling long after the club kicked out. Said track is accelerated by OG jungle veteran Jumpin Jack Frost who ups the tempo, adds some classic breakbeats, and packs some adrenaline into this noxious piece of wax.

"Photosphere" returns to head-in-the-clouds DnB-ambience - like Photex on a heavy dose of xanax while "D.E.B" goes even deeper and sees classic 90s string presets and exquisite perx converge on a radiant core before, once more, dropping into beautifully blissed-out nearly-jungle-rhythms.


Matt says: Old vet JJF returns, 'longside new schooler Dataroom, for a Photek / sci-fi / afterparty themed excursion into jungle and hardcore rhythms.


A1. Laugh Track
A2. Laugh Track (Jumpin Jack Frost House Of Dub Mix)
B1. Photosphere
B2. D.E.B

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