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Auidny / Njoo El Leyl

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Back in 1977, Ahmed Fakroun was doin' it in Libya. The Benghazi born multi-instrumentalist took his training in traditional folk and rai and love of disco, soul and French art rock and translated it into a super groovy cross-cultural hybrid which made him one of the biggest musical stars Libya ever produced. This debut 7", recorded with legendary British producer Tommy Vance is the perfect introduction to Farkoun's style, rolling out the speakers with a loose bassline, funk guitars and rai-styled vocals. Horns, flute and some sick synth licks further spice the pot, calling to mind Demis Roussos in "I Dig You" mode. On the flip, "Njoo El Leyl", shuffled and sizzled with syncopated perfection, delivering dusty rock for the funk crowd and desert funk for the rock fans. Chanted vocals, dreamy melodies and super stoned percussion hold it down perfectly, keeping us moving until that far out and fuzzed up guitar solo brings the psych to the party. Out of press since it's release, this official reissue is an absolute essential folk. Buy on sight!


Patrick says: Forty years since it was last in press, Groovin give us a replica reissue of Ahmed Fakroun's superb debut "Aiudny". Fusing funk, folk, slow disco and Libyan rai, Fakroun drops a couple of deep desert shufflers which still slay in the present day. This one stays in the record bag!


A. Auidny
B. Njoo El Leyl

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