Sinie Sinie

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Macadam Mambo

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Ashinoa is a krautrock dementia that fans of the genre will recognize. An artistic atavism in the footsteps of the post-Stockhausen generation, a kind of round table of geniuses Klaus Dinger (Kraftwerk, Neu!), Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream), Schulze (Ash Ra Tempel)… but also a kosmische musik of modern times, with a touch of electronic influences in the most experimental way.
 Part of the collective Misère Records from Lyon, which also includes the bands Abschaum (who released its first album in late 2017 on Macadam Mambo) and Pratos, Ashinoa started at the end of 2015 and occupy a special place in the Lyon alternative scene. So it’s a real pleasure to welcome on board a band with such qualities from Macadam Mambo’s hometown. Don’t miss the trip!


Patrick says: A couple of years ago Macadam Mambo raised eyebrows and pulses with an unexpected and excellent kraut / psych LP from Abschaum. Now they're back at it with another Kraut killer, this time from Ashinoa. Well served by a propulsive rhythm section, the scorching solos, yelped vocals and fuzzy melodies push ever onwards.


A1. Hendwe

A2. Katy Pane
A3. Oma Gamara

B1. Sinie Sinie

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