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O Love EP

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Intense Pulse

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A Salford singer who, over the past few years, has built up a varied body of work as a guest vocalist, popping up on tracks by the likes of Dijeyow, Cash Lansky and Mark E Smith. In recent months, though, Bianca Alana has surely made her boldest, most eye-catching addition to that already impressive CV - that of a fully-fledged solo artist. While Manchester is hardly lacking in big-lunged, soul-influenced female solo artists, you’ll struggle to find one who combines power and tenderness with the same efficacy as Bianca Alana.

Trading in the sort of affecting, syrup-free soul ballads which have propelled Jess Glynne to stardom, Bianca Alana’s solo work – as shown on stunning debut single O Love - is characterised by genuine vulnerability, winning candour and, of course, that show-stopping voice of hers. Life as a solo artist, suffice to say, suits her to a tee.

The O Love EP mixes Bianca’s experience of a battle with herself, fighting the innocent child within that keeps her holding onto the wrong types of love and the strong sense of breaking free into the woman that awaits. Production by Alex James Brierley and David Riddlestone bring the emotions to light with the creative build of instrumentation and a hint of Indie Rock to give balance to the feminine nature of the songs.


1 You & I
2 Hide
3 Up On You
4 O Love

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