The Juan Maclean

What Do You Feel Free About? / Zone Non Linear - Inc. Man Power / Massimiliano Pagliara Remixes

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The Juan Maclean returns to DFA with a new 12” - the electro-disco ‘What Do You Feel Free About?’ backed with ‘Zone Non Linear’, which evokes early Pet Shop Boys.

As usual, Juan’s sunny productions and Nancy’s layered vocals come together to lend a maximalist warmth to the dancefloor.  Man Power (ESP Institute, Correspondant) gives the A-side a club rework with a dubbed out vocal arrangement that adds a touch more drama to the track, while Massimiliano Pagliara (Ostgut Ton, Robert Johnson) revitalizes tropes of old-school piano house.

Juan Maclean is a Brooklyn-based DJ and producer who has been a mainstay of the New York club scene, as well as maintaining a rigorous international touring schedule, since the release of his first records on DFA in 2002. He’s released an extensive catalogue of 12” singles and LPs for the label with vocalist Nancy Whang (most recently, 2014’s ‘In A Dream’ album and 2017’s 12” single ‘The Brighter The Light’). Stay tuned for their fourth full-length album, coming later in the year.


Side A
1. What Do You Feel Free About?
2. What Do You Feel Free About? (Man Power Remix)

Side B
1. Zone Non Linear
2. Zone Non Linear (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)

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