Chic / Sister Sledge

I Want Your Love / Thinking Of You - Dimitri From Paris Mixes

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Rarely does an artist pay homage to the classics like Dimitri From Paris. The Grammy nominated producer, remixer, composer and DJ has made every one of his repertoire of reworks sound effortless; no mean feat when the original tracks are by the likes of Disco’s greatest musicians. In 2018 he released his “lifetime achievement” on Glitterbox, with the strictly limited pressing of the ‘Dimitri From Paris presents Le Chic Remix’ boxset. Now the 12’s have their own separate outings, bringing greater focus onto the individual productions, as each vinyl features two of the incredible Dimitri remixes, along with their respective instrumentals on the B-Side. On this record we hear CHIC’s ‘I Want Your Love’ get lovingly remixed by Dimitri, before delving into Sister Sledge’s evergreen ‘Thinking Of You’.


A1. CHIC - I Want Your Love (Dimitri From Paris Remix) (2018 Remaster)
A2. Sister Sledge - Thinking Of You (Dimitri From Paris Remix) (2018 Remaster)
B1. CHIC - I Want Your Love (Dimitri From Paris Instrumental) (2018 Remaster)
B2. Sister Sledge - Thinking Of You (Dimitri From Paris Instrumental) (2018 Remaster)

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