Drax Trilogy

Image of Drax - Drax Trilogy
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AFU Limited

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Heckmann produced, hard acid classix from an era when deejays still rocked ponytails and dreadlocks, "Drax Trilogy" is a collection of Drax's early 90s material and hits the apex of the prog / Goa / trance resurgence perfectly; careering in at 140BPM+ to the sound of distorted kicks, euphoric synthlines and gurgling 303s.

Three tracks that bring back fond memories of when techno's spirit was the true act of rebellion and when Goan full moon parties comprised of a thousand anarcho-crusties absolutely off their faces on whizz. There's an unrivalled hedonism at work here which sadly, won't resonate with younger clubber born after the UK smoking ban and the rise of Social Media. Revel in the sound of being high and free in the Last Decade of True Hedonism; no selfies allowed!


A1. Amphetamine
AA1. Phosphene
AA2. Section 2

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