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Vol. 3

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Fans of the leftfield, footloose and frisky end of the disco, Balearic and house spectrum know the score with Eccentric Edits - all styles, speeds and flavours, all obscure, all reworked with superior class. Volume 3 is no exception to this rule, rocking into the Piccadilly shelves with four tracks of A-class musica. The crew kick us off with "Canoe Song", a loving extension of "Water Walker", an AOR / folk funk groover plucked from the soundtrack of a 1985 documentary short about a canoeist and his relationship with the great lakes - like I said, super obscure. It's not just the rarity rating which gets my muso meter twitching, this is an instant classic, and would have worked wonders at Nado on Easter Sunday. Next up, they house up Deux's "Everybody's Night", turning out a deep and pulsing club cut which reminds me a bit of that house mix of Flash & The Pan's "Walking In The Rain". Flip it for Spacetrick's "Why", a much needed extension and expansion on Fred Aucagos' "Pangua Zo Pile Moin", which you might recognise from one of the Beach Diggin' comps. Here the track is harder, better, faster and stronger, while retaining all the thick tropical funk charm of the original. Finally "Erotic Stiff" takes us on a trip to the Pyramid Suite, entirely electrifying a bit of soul glow boogie for peak time deployment in your next Social Service set - someone ask Randall Marsh for the ID!


Patrick says: The Eccentrics crew do it again, bringing us a killer quartet of obscure upgrades, not least the majestic "Canoe Song", already my Balearic bomb of 2019. Chuck in housed up takes on Euro synth pop and big room boogie and a massive tropical funk roller and you've got my vote any day. Superior edits from the A-team.


A1. Canoe Song
A2. Deux Edit
B1. Spacetricks - Why
B2. Erotic Stiff 

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