Lexx Feat Woolfy

Too Hot

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Phantom Island

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For their fourteenth release, Phantom Island turn to their resident spirit animal, digger, dj and production conjuror Lexx, who trails his long awaited LP with this tasty reggae disco roller for the Balearic massive. Taking his inspiration from the UK producers of the 80s as well as Easy Street classic "Go Deh Yaka" from Monyaka, Lexx rolls a fat one and lets loose with a lover's rocking digidub masterpiece, perfect for deployment next to Ruffy's equally fragrant "Sorta Rican".  Big rolling bassline, trilling synths and tropical atmospheres, lifted to another level by Woolfy's sultry vocal. If you wanna hear the effects of high grade THC on a mixing desk jump to the version on the flip and get the full frequency impact!


Patrick says: Lexx follows in the footsteps of local hero Ruf Dug and hits that sweet spot between reggae and Balearic. Suitably stoned, this green tinged winner reminds me of "Go Deh Yaka" but with more synth sparkle and a much heavier sound - 'ave it!


A1. Too Hot
B1. Too Hot (version)

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